Sundar Corporation acquires single tenant sale-leaseback property to fulfill our and our partners’ long-term investment strategy. Our success has been based on our desire to build long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with sellers by adopting a flexible, cooperative approach to our negotiations.

We believe that to be successful a business relationship must satisfy both parties. Hence, in addition to our own considerations, we are committed to understanding and meeting the needs of the seller. In today’s open financial market conditions, we believe in openly communicating the constraints under which we are operating when negotiating our deals.

Our private capital sources enable us to respond more quickly and more flexibly than institutional buyers to issues, which might delay or frustrate the deal process.

Sale-leaseback acquisitions are our sole activity. Over the last ten years, we have gained an unequalled expertise in the details of these transactions.

We add value by closing transactions more quickly and efficiently than our competitors; by simplifying and streamlining paperwork; and by ensuring that our decision-makers are available at all times to deal with potential problems.

Our effectiveness is demonstrated by our excellent success rate in closing.